On a team of two over the course of a semester we were tasked with "growing a company by 20% using a design solution." Our team decided to reinterpret both "company" and "grow" to create sustainability within a non-profit organization. The following is an excerpt from our final presentation, and at the bottom of the page is our full process book.
With the supreme court’s draft to overturn roe V wade, planned parenthood is in every news headline about the right to abortion.
You know us as the defender of abortion rights. 
Although we are a fierce advocate for reproductive rights, abortion services are 3% of what we actually do.
Instead of seeing Planned Parenthood as an abortion clinic, we see a future where we are a membership-based community that retains its patients and helps them through their reproductive health throughout their entire life
Questions about reproductive health are often complicated and personal. A Buds membership would give you a medical mentor to answer any questions about your biology, and a personal mentor to answer anything you might not feel comfortable asking your physician.
Explore our personalized Buds calendar below that helps you prioritize and monitor your reproductive health.
For more on our research and iteration process please read our process book below.

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