For three years I was a part of a wonderful group of RISD and Brown University students that call themselves Better World by Design. For two of those years I served as a Co-chair, organizing our committee of 30-ish people to put together our annual conference. Each year was filled with leading weekly meetings, managing our 50,000+ budget, and collaborating with Brown and RISD to engage the public.
Our 2022 conference, Re-Frame, brought together 27 speakers from around the world to speak to how they build a better world by design. We defined design as wonderfully vague, as to hear from designers in every discipline from architectural justice, innovative materials, new interfaces and design for social impact. More than 300 attendees participated over three days, with other universities like Parsons, Northeastern, Tufts, and more present.
Our Sunday morning keynote from Mushon Zer-Aviv. 
For a full list of speakers and their bios check out our instagram, and for more information about past years go to our website.

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