Hi there! 
My name is Sofia Di Lodovico, and I am an industrial design student at Rhode Island School of Design graduating in 2023.
I think that as designers we are gatekeepers: of what we do or do not bring into this world, and who and what benefits from our designs. (thank you Mike)
As an impact and process centered designer, my work is deeply grounded in research and analyzing the effects designs create. 
During my college career I have served as a Co-Chair of the Brown|RISD organization and conference Better World by Design.
- Bricks. Especially the decorative ones.
- Liberty London. I have a soft spot for florals.
- Vampire weekend. It's like the Smiths, but cool.
- Quilts. Beautiful objects and metaphors.
- Being in the shop. I'm a pretty good monitor, I won't lie.
- To-Do lists. I go through copious amounts of post-it notes. 
- Big Earrings. This is the current pair I'm fawning over.
- Running. I ran my first marathon in Chicago 2021!
- Giorgia Lupi. I dream of doing my own Dear Data one day.
- Carrot Cake. Carrots, but in Cake.​​​​​​​
- Mafalda.  An outspoken, oddly political, optimistic little girl. I identify with her.
- Babysitting. I'm a master at extreme hopscotch.
- St Louis Public Radio. Half my sentences start with, "I heard on NPR the other day..."
Charlie and Lola. I like pink milk just as much as her.
- My Friends! Go check out their work: Zoe Lee, Yasi Stein, Jules Sharpe, Amy Zhu, Kevin Tang, Gün Bölükbaşi, Davis Smith, Lisa Abuaf

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