Calm, Headspace's main competitor has a similar retention rate, but has edged out Headspace in revenue. Their discovery and scroll approach has made it easy to gain users as opposed to Headspace's programmatic approach.
Headspace has already demonstrated their commitment  to helping this youth group be kind to their minds. 
Their existing program, Headspace for Educators gives free access to headspace content to teachers, giving them tools on how to integrate meditation and mindfulness into the classroom. However, these tools only exist as pdf files on our website —which makes it difficult to access
Currently, headspace app offers mindfulness activities for children ages 3-5, 6-8, & 9-12. + content for parents on how to improve their child’s emotional well being.
However, it is difficult for users to reach this content because lack of exposure to target users (parents and children) due to the lack of personalization in the application.

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