"Wege Prize is an annual competition that ignites game-changing solutions for the future by inspiring college/university students around the world to collaborate across institutional, disciplinary, and cultural boundaries to redesign the way economies work. Participants contend for $65,000 (USD) in total cash prizes, all while learning—and helping to show the world—what the future of problem solving looks like."
THE CHALLENGE:  How can we create a circular economy? 
"Each team must leverage its transdisciplinary makeup to collaboratively design and propose a product, service, business model, or other solution to a wicked problem of their choosing that can help us transition from a linear economic model to a circular economic model."
Collaborating on an interdisciplinary team of five, our company, FOOTPRINT, is currently entered in the Wege Prize Competition. While still developing this project, we have entered the semifinalist portion of the competition.

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